Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gross. American Apparel. Just Gross.

I know by writing about this-- it is just giving fuel to their campaign.
Going bankrupt, the brand American Apparel, which is known for being oddly expensive for a self-proclaimed hipster brand is doing what it always has done: Create risque ad campaigns. Of course, anything taboo gets attention. I never have ever walked into this store on principle alone.

I'm sure the pubes give away the subject of my post.  I am also really cool with nature and doing whatever you want with your body. My issue is, like normal models, these girls are YOUNG. Teenage young.  However, more taboo than pubes (I think?) is underage porn, which the founder of American Apparel has been sued over several times. Okay, not sued over underage porn, but more precisely sexual harassment from minors. So to the American Public, I present to you...American Pubic, Enjoy (if you don't hurl?)!--- Even if you like AA, I can at least bitch about it just being a money making tactic and not fashion.

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