Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In Kristine's weird world, this is the perfect Valentine Day Card to Recieve!

Even before I saw that up on Reddit,
I actually created THIS CARD BELOW for my Valentine!
Not only is it dorky and personalized, IT IS A POP UP CARD!

...WITH ZOMBIES of my Valentine TO BOOT

Footnote reads, "Worlds including: this game and in all other dimensions of worlds."

If you guys want this Card Template for next year let me know! I actually helped my friend create a her very own NES Card, too!  Don't forget that fun personalized cards can be for any occassion and are definately way cooler than buying a mass produced one!

(unless you find one in a store that is super awesome, which I have found before! I even got an awesome one from Anthony Lourenco for my Bday! -BUT- you get my point)

Take Care Guys,

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  1. The card contain some images of hero's and some love heart and beautiful painting, i like it and love it.


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