Monday, May 7, 2012

Seriously, guys

Went to Brookline yesterday and saw this throwback. Here's to the throngs of people like me who were nerdy enough to be obsessed with HSR in High School.! It's funny to think that a web series before the mass surge of Social Media was translated into Bumper Stickers (the long lost marketing collateral that won't peel off.) I'm sure Strongsad would have been smiling and the Teen Girl Squad would get JEEEEPEDDD while reading this post of mine.

I, too, will admit to having bought their CD release including the infamous, Trogdor! I promise this was purchased AFTER my affliction with Minor Threat not the other way around! Anyway, enjoy my fellow HSR fwends and if you get terribly bored I can tell already that the site is still churning out new content!


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  1. My favorite Strong Sad quote:

    "Every day we die a little more."

    Sad the website isn't active anymore.


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