Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Intriguing Statistics...

So, I was going to post a really great picture of my room to really show how nerdy I am. I have a tiny prehistoric TV juxtaposed to a HUGE COMPUTER SCREEN. I just don't watch TV very religiously and I prefer my internets. I honestly didn't think anything of it until my friend stopped by my North End "Villa" last week and reamed me a new one for my lack of flat screen-age.

Anyway, this leads me into a story about a super lame weight-loss commercial that came on where that older Playboy Bunny and her annoying voice go into a clothing store to return the pants that she is wearing. I'm sure they probably thought it was quite risqué, but as you know life imitates art and this commercial is definitely art. Little did they understand the dire consequences of bad TeeVee on us humans.

Apparently, 47% of women who have made jean returns since the release of this commercial have walked into department stores and attempted to take their pants off.  Most of them didn't even have a receipt. Some argued that they, like in the commercial, could take off the tags, wear it, and then make said return. Puzzled police are not sure if they should arrest the women for indecent exposure or hold the makers of that annoying commercial accountable. What is more confusing is that the women who actually managed to lose enough weight to change a jean size unfortunately had passed the 30-day return policy, damn it. "Real life always be ruining people's TV reality," says Kristine. Can't we all just agree that the Bachelorette type dating is obviously normal behavior. If I tried dating 20 guys at once, let me tell you Real Life does NOT AGREE, not even if it was filmed... well...hmm... Anyway, TV has gotten so mindless, I can't even believe I even jokingly wrote this post about it. #ThankGodforGameofThrones.

Side-note: Remember that weird Hundred Million Dollar movie flop, John Carter? It was about a Civil War guy who goes to Mars and something or other. Anyway, it's actually now doing ~1000% better all because of the blockbuster hit that I'm probably not going to see The Avengers. No Joke, just read this; it is actually interesting how this increase is possible. OH GAWD, enough pop culture. More fashion, fun, and fragment sentences tomorrow! Stay Tuned! Damn these puns that just follow me around!


PS: I'm not sure you guys see my awesome creative satire. I would like to point it out after the fact. My apologies for being so lame and actually thinking that I WAS funny at the beginning of this post.

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