Thursday, May 10, 2012

Steve McQueen Sunglasses: "Style EYE-con"

I actually stumbled upon a pair of these bad boys in the flesh recently!

The Facts: Steve McQueen wore Persol Sunglasses both on screen in The Thomas Crown Affair and off screen as well. A 1996 ad campaign by Persol Sunglasses capitalizes on this fact. 10 years after this ad was run an actual pair of Steve's own Persol's would sell for $60,000 at auction! Screen star and ultimately type-casted bad ass: Steve McQueen as Persol would say, "Legends Live Forever."

They can make even the most uncouth seem smooth as a spy! They are also functional and iconic because of their folding capabilities.#NBD. They also cost enough for James Bond to buy several, but not the average part-time Spy. You need to be a full-time spy.

Beep beep goodbye,

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