Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magic Mike, Portugal v Spain, and Mailmen...

Okay okay-- Just as a warning: this is going to be my more of a lifestyle blog post for all you fashionistas out there.

Magic Mike
I can disclose I will not go see Magic Mike. I can also disclose that talking about it sends me traffic.
 -BUTT- this is definitely a smart move by Warner Brothers
Why, you ask? Well, simply think about the target demographic. The statistics have been out for some time now that shows that Women are the spenders and have more buying power than men. So that is the NUMBER ONE smartest move out there to make: make (older) women your target audience. A nod to all the single ladies and the one's that run the world too. Women are high value customers because once they join your brand, and are happy, they are likely to stay loyal to you. With regards to the film industry: women talk. They talk about what they like and they talk about what they don’t like, and I think for as long as their have been movies with naked chicks-- women have wanted to turn the tables.  Word of mouth via online or not-- still a high value and from what I see Magic Mike is on the to-do list for all the C-Tates, that True Blood guy, Mcconaughey, and the other dude's fans out there (men included-- sorry Phil, but you are awkwardly enough a C-tates-aholic!) Anyway, enough talking about potentially awful movies.

Portugal v Spain
Debating on if I could take today off as a mental health day-- it will be such a stressful game for us Coastal Iberians! Alas, I can not. So, here is my official VIVA PORTUGAL endorsement! Don't let Spain push you around! As I live stream the game from work, I hope I can keep my shouting to a minimum. I'm going to be sitting on the edge of my cubicle  all day!

...and Mailmen
Have you ever wondered how mailmen get into your apartment building. You know, your building that has two doors with a code AND key needed... AND how they can open everyone in the city's locked mailbox. For instance, when I order something online, I wonder how even the Fedex guy can get in my building to drop it off. Does he have to wait for someone to leave, so he can have the door held open and pop in? I immediately fret that he will just leave it on the street. This still gets me every time. I contemplate the intricate key systems they probably have in place to do all this as promptly as they can each everyday. No sweat for the mailmen. Come on, don't tell me you never wondered how you would get your package if they couldn't get in the building!

On a lighter note: New Video coming soon!


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