Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Room Makeover!

HEY hey,

There are so many great changes going on and I figured why not redo my room! This actually happened a few weeks ago-- but I put a video together about how I used decals for my dressers!

First of all, I was inspired by Lisa Pullano of Beauty Splurge and her Damasque inspired room! I've had my room Arabic styled for awhile and I wanted a more contemporary look.

Dressers were from Craig's list! Make sure you have a friend with a Truck =) and maybe some pepper spray on the slim chance you end up meeting a pornographer killer guy. I ended up meeting some Brazilian guys-- who used those cabinets for holding alcohol.

Decals were from and I looked long and hard to find the right style of Damasque that I liked. These were more pricey than just buying a stencil and painting the doors, but I wanted to keep the option later on for removing them---- and maybe so I didn't spill black paint all over my room.
  • Item: 10973446
  • Description: Damask Silhouette Vinyl Wall Deca
  • Quantity: 2 @ $13.99
  • Shipping was AWFUL though.

and lastly, I threw together a painting really quickly to tie the room together! That was much easier to do than it looks! If you want any more on this just let me know! Byez.



  1. you rock my world...come decorate my tiny little studio in manhattan, its all about 300 sq ft!! yikes!

  2. Dear Diana-- I love you. No one ever comments on mah blowg-- people usually just lurk on it! I NEED YOU. Email/Gchat me:!!


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