Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Science AND Fashion.

Hi guys,

No, I'm not talking the synthesis of some NEW SPACE AGE fabric, but I'm talking the post New York Fashion week phenomenon of protective eye wear. That's right nerds-- it's time to take your lab goggles out on the town.

When Milly and Tracy Reese sent models down the runway, something just screamed Goggle's are back! Reminiscent of Seth Green in "Can't Hardly Wait," but more like chic scientists or Grandma's sun visor. I mean those designers are mainstream, and in a mall near you, so if they put their money on the Chic Scientist look-- it must be happening for real.  Can we write it off as a runway gimmick? NOPE. 

I'm not even joking.

Why, you ask? ....because we just got further confirmation that the trend is real from none other than Alex McQueen. Alexander McQueen Mirrored transparent visor ($465) are now SOLD OUT on Net-A-Porter

Kristine's thought: head back to your high school chemistry teacher or your Great Aunt's attic and ask just for a pair. Save yourself a car payment and call it vintage. I am interested to see if it will infiltrate down to the masses and if iterations of it will soon hit the Boston streets.



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Bubonic Plague, Romney, and a $300 paper bag

Which of these stories do you think are TRUE?

A. Ohio Republicans credit Mitt Romney for killing Osama Bin Laden
B. The Bubonic Plague hits Colorado
C. A Paper Bag costing $290 could actually sell out online in ONE WEEK
D. All of the Above

Well, lucky for you folks THIS IS AMERICA and D. All of the Above ARE, in fact, TRUE.
#WTF news

A. Ohio Republicans credit Mitt Romney for killing Osama Bin Laden
Mitt Romney wasn't even on the ticket when this Poll was conducted

B. The Bubonic Plague hits Colorado
Parents let child catch Bubonic Plague from dead animals
C. A Paper Bag costing $290 could actually sell out online in ONE WEEK.
It's an empty brown lunch bag, but it's FASHION, DAMN IT

D. Enjoy the rest of your week, folks.. I'm going to go bury my head in the sand now.

Courtesy of Jil Sander and Daily Mail <-see paper bag in action on the runway. No Joke.


Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey guys,
What better time to showcase my recent Nerd-Chic finds, than during the highly acclaimed New York Fashion Week? While other bloggers are going to be reporting on the latest designers runway reveals (which is always exciting), I decided that I will be bringing everyone some much needed fun! I mean, this is coming from the girl who wore suspenders to her first job interview...Not your average Fashion Blog!

Below you see one of the coolest (if you are a NES nerd) sweaters EVER. This sweater definitely has unlimited lives and I can assume the tag reads: Up, Down, Up, Down,Left, Right, Left, Right, A,B, A, B, Select, Start.  I wonder if I can make a DIY Gold Game Genie shirt... thoughts?

I also found these Lego Shoes recently and off the bat the look hard to walk in. That means they HAVE TO BE HIGH FASHION, right?  Anyway, this is something Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj has probably already worn. Has anyone seen them in a Lego dress yet? #MUSTVISITLEGOLAND.

So, in all the glory and fun of High Fashion and current Fashion News, don't get intimidated-- just tell yourself: Nerd's Ain't Care. TRUTH.