Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter is coming

Winter IS coming and I love taking a moment to point out awesome or awkward ads that get served to me.

Case 1:
I love that Mango new men's line is doing so well, but I guess if I am going to be served a Men's ad then I am happy that it is CLEARLY alludes to my love for GAME OF THRONES. Damn straight #WinterIsComing MANGO Marketing Department, kudos for ty-wining that one into your campaign!

Case 2:
So I can not say that this ad was technically served to me, but it was either Geotargeted to me by a Groupon email system or targeted me by some other criteria. REAL LIFE POKEMONS. I am totally going to buy these Pokemon balls, I've never owned my own Pokemon, but I am really pumped to see if instead of fighting they will do work for me instead.

Case 3:
Slutty Halloween costumes. If Facebook did it's job it would have noticed that I already did Ninja Turtles for Halloween 4 years ago, iz all over my photo albums. AND MIGHT I ADD- We did it 100x better then the one see you being sold today! Raphael totally didn't wear a plastic skirt! I was Leonardo and it was probably the most fun I had making that costume!

One day the Facebook Targeted Ads' algorithm won't serve you things that appear in your photos, as you already have them ;)

That is all.


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