Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yadda yadda "high fashion"

So, I've always heard about Chanel, the woman who influenced fashion as we know it, but I had never done my homework. I don't own anything that costs more than like $20, but I DO love French actress Audrey Tautoo though and so a few years ago I made sure I saw Coco Before Chanel the BioPic and now I can be honest and say I totally get this chick. Making herself wear what was more masculine garb at the time. Chanel as a historical figure is pretty neat.

So, back to the announcement... A few weeks ago Chanel announced that it won’t launch eCommerce site for another 5 years — if EVER! Chanel's CEO Bruno Pavlosky gave a very frank response regarding the anticipation for a Chanel eCommerce site.  I wonder if he knows that you can buy just about anything on any third party eCommerce site... Have you heard of eBay, Mr. Pavol's Dogs!

 He stated that the physical experience of quality as imperative to brand:
It’s a strategic choice. It’s a choice to say, ‘Guys, you can see whatever you want on the internet, but we want you to come to the boutique, because we feel that in the boutique we can give you the right understanding of the brand.’ So, yes we could sell handbags on the internet. But my feeling is that it’s not qualitative enough and it’s not the kind of service that we want to give to our customers — at the moment.
It is "cool" that he is PURPOSELY missing out on millions of dollars of sales (quantitative) just so he can retain his notion of the consumer's (qualitative) experience of his goods? Totally a unorthodox move, right?


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