Thursday, November 15, 2012

The End Of UGGs


Have you seen the evidence that the famed shearling boots are on the way out--for good?,default,pg.html?source=ggl_ppc&s_kwcid=TC%7C6895%7Cugg%7C%7CS%7Ce%7C15940545780&gclid=CIGQtpehzbMCFQWe4AodImsAmQ
Love them or ---> hate them, UGG boots have been a mainstay of the market for several years now.  You've seen them on every street, in every super market, and even on your friends. This may be the only shoe to share both a “Best Selling” and “Most Hated” title is (finally) on the decline.

Shares of parent company Deckers Outdoor Corp. dropped 16% last week, reaching a 3-year low.

Although the holiday season should be a surge for them, for years they've created increased prices for new collections which turned off their normal Walking Dead, I mean consumer.

As an anti-UGGER, I'm happy, but for my friends who are big fans-- don't be sad. Their parent company plans to react to their downward slope of sales BY ROLLING BACK PRICES! So, go forth, and buy your UGGs for cheaper than usual until they become as extinct as your beloved unicorns.

Boot talk is funny because in New England it's been super mild, and as I write that tonight's temperature's DROP to freezing!


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  1. Confession: When it is really fucking cold I have a secret pair of plain black uggs that I wear. I hate them they look stupid but damn they are warm. I also have cozy ugg slippers for hanging out around the house in that no one but my boyfriend sees. Still, I'm happy that people are FINALLY coming to their sense. I wear them out of necessity and not because I think they are stylish or cute. The girls who wear them and think they are the height of fashion confuse me.


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