Thursday, October 3, 2013

8 Commonly Mistaken Halloween Costumes

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year.

AND you just want THE BEST halloween costume. You need something better than the year before, clever yet not trying TOO hard to be thought-provoking, and just the right amount of spandex. BUT it's not that easy. There is always the issue that everyone faces: doing a costume you've always wanted to do and having people (obviously less nerdy than you) know who you are. Especially: 1. if you can't execute it well 2. if you are a female v. male. and 3. what your plans are for the evening.

Here are some examples of ideas that either I have done in the past and faced the consequences or some that I wish I could do, but know I will have to take the 5 extra minutes to explain myself (20 if both parties are drunk.)

1.  Artie, The Strongest Man in the WORLD v. Where's Waldo

Anyone who knows Pete and Pete (and you all should) would have no problem distinguishing them. It's CLEARLY visible. But... sigh... we know the condescending reactions you'd get from your average James Markle Jr., "Oh were you trying to be Where's Waldo?" -_-
The ONLY appropriate reply is 7 words and then you can run away. No explanation.

OR if you are feeling spry, "Damn, you know what, I was going for the USMNT."

2. Bruce Lee v. Kill Bill

Bruce Lee's character in his final film Game of Death wore this iconic number during his fight scene in the pagoda. That is also where Tarantino is said to have selected it and other themes in the Kill Bill series. Now, as a girl attempting this costume, the first thing someone would say to me, "oh, sweet, Kill Bill, but where's your sword and blonde hair?" I could Kung Fu them in the face to reinforce my character... or just find a sword because I love Kill Bill too. #RulesoftheInternet63

3. Link v. Peter Pan

I approached a slutty Peter Pan whilst at college Halloween party once and to my dismay it wasn't link and she did NOT want 10 rupees for her spandex short shorts.

4. April O'Neil v. Breaking Bad

Not that you would ever chose April over Leonardo, but if you even TRIED( this year in particular) be prepared, "BITCH."

5. Samus v. Transformer

Everybody likes a little Metroid, right? Oh... just a small select and prestigious percentile?... well then, for all others who are mildly aware, you are probably now just some background bot from a Michael Bay movie. Know you metals people!

6. Robocop v. Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk)

Now that everyone and their mom thinks they are Daft Punk fans... don't even TRY being Robocop* this year.                   *especially in a suit.

7. Khal Drogo v. Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)

Similarly, going into Season 3, Game of Thrones is the mega-series (book or tube) that has changed the way we serve bread and salt. Don't think you can be Shang Tsung (obscure MK character  without also knowing some key phrases in Dothraki. You know you are going to be asked. 
*PS: Props on the rippling muscles and sexy beard.

8. Daenerys Targaryen v. Shakira

AND as if this didn't happen to me last year... Just when you think you are the Mother of Dragons, everyone wants to see if your hips don't lie. DRACARYS!!!

Other costume confusions if you are either with the wrong people or are bad at making costumes:
  • The Native American from the VIllage People v. Pocahontas (if you are female)
  • Eddy Gordo v. Cool Runnings
  • Hall & Oates v. Double Dragon
  • Shao Kahn v. Shredder
  • E.Honda v. Yoko Zuna
  • Petunia (Little Pete's Tattoo) v. Jessica Rabbit
  • Edward Grimley v. Pee Wee Herman 
  • Poison Ivy v. The Little Mermaid
Good luck to you and the untrained eye.


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  1. Te vas a reir tanto con mi disfraz :/ Estoy seguro... Y no, no lleva spandex


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